Classification of Class 5 Felonies in VA

Class 5 Felonies in VA


In Virginia, there are almost six classes of felonies can be charged over the intensity of the crime. Each class has its own penalties and guidelines. In fact, class 1 and 2 consider the most dangerous charges in the section of a felony. As because, a person may go through life imprisonment if he or she has been found in such charges.

Though, class 3 and 4 are the middle form of charges where the penalties of these charges are not more than 10 years. However, still, people who commit such crimes, they have to go through to complete their penalty time.

Also, class 5 is known to be as a wobbler. In where the penalties and punishments are not that severe. A person who has been charged with the class 5 felony may go through imprison for up to years with a fine as well.

Although, in any manner, if you have been charged with the charges like class 5 felony, you need to hire a defense lawyer to further protect yours from entering the criminal world. As, once you charged with felony charges, your records would be filled with the criminal act. So, you need to wipe out all the charges, if you really want to live a peaceful and crime-free life.

classification of class 5 felonies in VA

These are the crimes in where a person may find himself been charged with the class 5 felony. However, these charges are not that bigger as compared to other felonies, that’s why their penalties are also found at the least form. Now look at the charges and crimes that might be giving you a class 5 felony charge:

Involuntary manslaughter, in such situations where you mistakenly perform such crime but your intention wasn’t the same. You might be going through with the charge of class 5 felony.

Extortion, in such crimes where you find yourself involve with the cases of corruption or theft, you might be going through penalties of the class 5 felonies.

Battery, battery charges are the most severe cases in where the culprit may charge with the class 1 and 2 felony as well. But it all depends on the intensity of the crime. If the victim isn’t hurt that badly either physical or mental, you might be going through with the penalties of class 5 felony. In where you may face imprisonment for up to 1-10 years with a fine of $2,500.

the defense lawyer of class 5 felony in VA

Yes, in any circumstances where you find that you can’t handle your case alone enough, it’s time you need to talk with a defense lawyer. Always trying to find a professional and well-experienced lawyer in a manner to solve the case more professionally and legally. A good and professional lawyer can make your case easy and understandable to you which is necessary to solve the case and make your future better.