Juveniles Charged with arson in Virginia

Minors and teenagers have young minds. Social incidents of minor importance can have a very devastating effect on their minds. Sometimes the younger generation will lead to violence and anger. The small, destructive cascaded firefalls can be very destructive. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate the enthusiastic enthusiasm. In other words, it is widespread and can harm society in many ways.

What is burning?

Any person revengeing or knowingly (i) burning or demolishing any harmful chemical or explosive; (ii) any person or person normally living or staying in a house, built or built in a built-up house, or in any other dwelling house; A different dwelling restaurant, medical facilities, shelters or other buildings, people usually live Or shelter or any other dwelling or dwelling or hold religious building, accused of setting fire to the person.

There is no general indeterminacy, since the variety, the unnecessary fire, or the criminal plan is not enough. However, an emergency business or a lack of results, pamphlet guilt can be admissible.

Causes of aggression:

  • Worship:

Adverse fire settings usually cause damage to property. Education and property are the most specific and common goals. These types of fires are usually used for vacancies or abandoned buildings, brushes, vehicles, and educational facilities. They have also planned to hide other crimes, such as theft or theft.

  • Joy:

This type of fire is a great joy for young young men, joy, popularity, and attention.

The primary aim is to burn dirty, recyclable bags, garbage piles, and burning down on small things, but setting fire to secondary structures provides another stimulus.

  • Various types:
  1. Triple (often enthusiastic logic) – The criminal is filled with agitation and trouble.
  2. Identification (Hero) – Stop the fire that he himself initiated for becoming a hero in every person’s own eye
  3. Attention – The person responsible for the fire is fond of everyone, positive or negative, who is paying everyone’s attention.
  4. Sexual desire – is very unusual and rare.

This type of fire shrubs can reach the living structures that can be captured by the bushes and dampstones. This firearm is usually located in a natural geographical area and is located in the flames and can remain in place. The actor’s accusation or the film’s movie can be understood by the film.

  • Revenge

Usually, young people are usually hot and warm. Only an actual or perceived injustice or harm by a victim is.

Revenge Targets can be a person, agency or team. The house, car or other property of the son of PeliniNamak will be set ablaze.

Depending on the duration of the fire, the fire will rest on the basis of torching. If it is acquired, Virginia’s sentence will be punished for a 5 year prison term. In addition to a fine of up to $ 100,000.

If the residence is broken, the incense of Virginia will be charged. The sentence penalizes a prison sentence of 2-10 years, fine of $ 100,000 or both.