What is the Penalty for a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia

Penalty for a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia


The crimes in Virginia are increasing day by day like a fire, and to stop such fire, the authorities have made changes in their previous laws and presenting a new law of crimes in Virginia. Though, in Virginia, now a criminal can’t go freely without suffering from the penalties and punishments.

However, if anyone has been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, he or she might be suffering in jail for up to many years or even though for life. So, it’s always better to stay away from such crimes and if you have been committed a crime with mistakenly or forcibly with someone else, then immediately talk to a lawyer.

Do you know? you can stay in a jail for life if you have been charged with the felony class 1 in Virginia. And no any lawyer can help you further if you are also proven guilty in the crime charge.

However, class 1 felony and class 1 misdemeanor are two different categories of a crime. In a felony, you can be charged with the penalty of life imprisonment along with a fine of $100,000 as well as in a misdemeanor, you can be charged with the penalty of months to up to a year in prison along with a fine of $2,500.

So, in both charges, you have to stay in jail and do you know what does it means? It means that you have a criminal record in your documents which are very important in finding a new job or shifting into a new house.

And if there is a criminal record in your legal documents, no official or professional office will hire you in the future. Also, you can go through facing problems in shifting some other new residence area as well.

penalty for a class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia

In class 1 misdemeanor, the offender might be get arrested in such charges included:

Domestic violence with a family member in a manner to threaten them or scared them.

Reckless driving in a manner of breaking traffic rules or driving while drunk as well.

DUI charges like if you are caught while drunk driving with the amount of 0.8 alcohol in your mouth.

Petit larceny means when you commit a robbery crime, and the value of the stolen items are less than $200.

Battery and assault like to intentionally provide harm to the victim in a manner to control them or threaten them.

These are the charges you might be get arrested for in the class 1 misdemeanor. However, the penalty of this class stays in prison for up to 12months to 1 years along with a fine of $2,500.

defense attorney in VA

If you have been charged with the class 1 misdemeanor or any other person you know, then the chances are to further hire a defense attorney in VA to solve the case and fight for it legally.